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Do you think you have a disability or know someone who does?
You can learn about a disability, get the help you need or find
places that test for disabilities. Don't wait to get the help you
need today.

Image for the College Life Magazine is an educational resource
and everyday life survival magazine. It teaches you ways to get through college on a budget, start your own business, learn
about health related issues that affect you and so much more.

Learn how you can decrease your energy usage in your home, conserve water, and so much more. Saving our planet starts
with you so help join the cause.

Are you prepared for a disaster or emergency? Learn what you should have available in an emergency kit and plan out an emergency guide for you and your family. You could save a life besides your own.


Welcome to The Anderton Foundation Inc. (TAFI) we are here to help underprivileged youth and youth with disabilities who seek a higher education, help prepare you for emergencies to save a life, and care about our planet. We want to give underprivileged youth and everyone a chance to improve in their lives by offering them educational information in the form of a magazine publication, a detailed informational website,
and provide information for scholarship opportunities.

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