The Anderton Foundation, Inc. (TAFI) has been engaged in charitable work for youth and communities since 1999 and was formerly registered in 2010 as a not for profit. We are a charitable organization that provide an educational publication resource for higher education students, help youth with learning disabilities and/or who are economically disadvantaged.

We engage in activities such as providing scholarships for higher education, distributing educational materials in the forms of a publication of a magazine, issue pamphlets and bulletins, develop a web-based educational forum, and other media that promote education on environmental issues, emerging green technologies, resources available for education such as financial assistance and obtaining employment, health and fitness concerns and many other activities that promote and foster education. We also care about the environment and teach our youth how they can reduce the harmful activity that plagues our planet.


The Anderton Foundation Inc. (TAFI) is a Not For Profit organization formed on the charitable ideals of Ms. Anderton a woman that cared
about children. She is the first woman in Westchester, New York to start a track team in Yonkers with kids from various ethnic backgrounds, and troubled neighborhoods from around the City. These are places where kids weren't thought to have a second chance but she showed these underprivileged youth from the projects that there are endless possibilities if you work hard. She showed them that there is more than crime and poverty out in this world.

Ms. Anderton invested a lot of her time and energy most parents didn't do for these kids. She brought these kids together and taught them discipline on and off the track and field. She trained them in a way that would show them they can have a better life. She instilled in them that school was very important to their development and future. Many of her kids proudly went on to graduate high school and attended college on academic scholarships due to their academic achievements.

When it came for the time of the pennant races, it was very hard for her to get buses to transport her kids. She advocated and went to the Mayor of Yonkers to get the buses she needed. She used most of her own money to help fund and get the kids to the running meets, feed them, and get jerseys so they could have what most teams had, a uniform. When they did get to the races; her kids raced their heart out and won every single race. That was the first time in Westchester history that someone was able to take a group of youths from poor neighborhoods, bring them together and succeed in life against the odds. Most people would have given up on them or waived them off completely but not Ms. Anderton. Their life challenges became her own.

Ms. Anderton while doing all this for other people's children, managed to get involved in the education system because her own son has dyslexia and she learned that many of the schools were not helping or teaching children with this handicap. As a result, she fought by going to the school board, the state education department, and the local schools to get reading programs in schools to help teach kids with dyslexia to read. She also helped her son so he could know too that there are better things out there in life instead of him worrying about his handicap.

As a former nurse, Ms. Anderton felt that she could help more people especially our underprivileged youth by starting The Anderton Foundation, Inc. (TAFI). She always liked helping people; she even assisted the elderly. She still continues to help people today but it is now our job to follow her lead and continue her mission to help our youth and give back to the community.


The Anderton Foundation Meaning of the Butterfly

Each one of us is like a butterfly. We undergo metamorphosis by the experiences we have gone through, the educational opportunities we are given, and the interactions and influences we have with our communities, teachers, parents and leaders. We all have great expectations in life. Sometimes our paths cross, interact and impact the lives of others on our journey but at the moment we reach our expectations and goals, we take flight like a butterfly and explore the world. We reach out to face new challenges and learn from them so that we can teach others. Our mission is to continue reaching out to change someone's life through our actions for education.

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