The Anderton Foundation, Inc. (TAFI) likes to know your ideas and concerns on how we can improve on our programs and initiatives. This forum was developed to give you a voice in the activities we do as well as an opportunity for us to listen and learn more about those we serve. We want to be able to reach out to everyone that we are trying to help and learn how we can achieve better results for you, your education, and our environment because we care.  

Thank you so much for your publication it really helped my daughter find the right scholarship she needed to attend college.
Anna Lindell., NJ

I really like the positive articles your publication writes about. Its interesting that I never knew you existed until my friend told me about you.
Erica Peters, CA.


I am really interested in learning more about your programs, please let me know more about how I can help out especially with go green I have a green thumb.
James R. Kindler., OH

I am really grateful for all the interesting stories you provide especially people who are living their dream or career. It gives me insight on job opportunities I never thought about that I could be good at too!
Sarah Anna O'Reilly., NY

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