The Anderton Foundation, Inc. (TAFI) is a not-for-profit organization, based in Westchester, New York, whose mission is to support higher education for underprivileged children and youth with disabilities, their families and communities while helping to strengthen their lives and support the communities they live in. We want to create conditions that foster development, growth and opportunity for every child in need.

If you would like to volunteer or are interested in an internship, please contact us at .

We are always looking for people who open their hearts to help others especially underprivileged youth and youth with disabilities to be tutors, mentors, and resources for child and career development guidance.

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Help the Magazine

The magazine is a great resource for current students, graduate students and people in general. It gives very helpful advice and tips on how to save money, financing your start up business, learn about a new career or find the right college for the career you want to go into.

If you are interested in being a contributive writer to our publicized magazine Image for the College Life Magazine, you can contact us at


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