If you would like to take part in the activities we are doing, like to help people so that they can better their life, and believe in giving back to your fellow man and community, then visit our employment section and learn about the positions, internships and volunteer opportunities we have available within our organization.

You can also make a donation. To learn how you can donate visit the donate section of our website. Your help whether big or small is greatly appreciated by those we help and you will see the results we make in the lives we touch and the communities we improve for everyone.


Educate & Advocate

* Spread the word about our mission
* Call, write or visit your public officials to let them know what they can do more for disabled kids or lowering college tuition
* Community education activities on going green and preparing for emergencies
* Take part or donate to the projects to help The Anderton Foundation, Inc. communities and families.


* Books and supplies for students
* The appropriate clothes for job interviews
* Funding for higher education scholarships

Volunteer On-Line

* Send e-mails or e-cards
* Post your comments and share your ideas

Offer Your Time & Talent

* Offer your professional experience and skills pro-bono
* Make calls or send letters from your home or office
* Provide administrative asistance


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