We like to keep you informed about the various activities, events, sponsorships, and projects we are doing to help the community
and its youth. Look at the current events and projects below and learn more about us. You just might see an event or project you would like to get involved in the near future, just ask us how you can become one of our active volunteers.
On September 12, 2010 the Anderton Foundation, Inc. (TAFI) joined over 5,000 people that participated in the Race for the Cure for breast cancer walk at Riverside Park in New York City. We raised $1,200 dollars towards the fight and research for Breast Cancer. Among the supporters was Dr. Oz and the NBA Nets Dancers, who provided encouraging words to those that were sick but able to walk or run for the cause.  

Fitness DVD to Help Save Your Life (New Project)

Obesity is a major issue in the youth community today. It continues to contribute to many other health concerns such as asthma, sleep deprivation, high cholesterol, hypertension and so many other health conditions in children.

In order to help our young community with the obesity issue, The Anderton Foundation, Inc. has funded a fitness DVD for students so they can exercise in the comfort of their college dorm or home. We found that many overweight youth are either too ashamed to workout in a gym or can't afford to get to the gym.


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