Welcome to The Anderton Foundation Inc. (TAFI) we are here to help underprivileged youth, youth with disabilities, prepare everyone for emergencies and help save lives. We want everyone to care about the earth and children who seek a higher education. We want to give youth a chance to improve in their lives by offering them educational information in the form of a magazine publication, an informational website, and provide information to scholarship opportunities.  

Image for the College Life Magazine:
Started in 1999 and managed by college students as a corporate publication however joined the mission and goals of the Anderton Foundation Inc. in 2010 and became a not-for-profit publication for college students. We are the first college magazine to cover a vast array of issues by tackling the issues most college magazines don’t offer. We can teach you how to start your own business, how to invest in the stock market, learn about tools and resources available to make college life easier even if you have a handicap, getting and obtaining finances for books and housing, how to find and apply to the right scholarship, quick dieting tips, how to eat healthy, learn the warning signs of viral and sexual diseases, how to market your new business, learn the best fitness moves to get your body in shape, learn about the latest technology news thats good for you and the environment, how to write the resume that lands you an interview, getting a job and so much more.

We are not just informative and educational but entertaining.We maintain our loyalty to teaching and helping people about the things they don’t know but need to know and that’s what makes our magazine different.


i Go Green:
We strongly believe in preserving the planet and providing useful tips on how you can participate and go green in your office, school dorm or home and save money while you help to save the planet.

With the money you save, you will be able to buy other things you may need in your home or office. We teach you how you can be more environmentally responsible and help preserve our planet from everyday harmful activities.



Emergency Preparedness:
Every family, school, or office should consider developing a disaster plan so that everyone
is prepared to know what to do, how to find each other and how to communicate in an emergency. You should also invest and know what should be included in a standard
survival and emergency kit.

The first step to survival is developing your disaster plan that should address at
minimum the following:

- identify at least two places to meet
- identify your exits
- designate a friend out of state you can contact to stay in communication
- practice your plan and have a copy for everyone to follow

Its easier to be more calm and reasonable if you are prepared and ready with a disaster
or emergency plan in place. Start investing in yours today as it can save your life or
someone you know.

Earth quakes

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